We activate the hidden values in your physical flow

Today the cost pf packing, transport and service is often significantly higher than the cost of producing the goods.
This is particularly true when products are sourced externally.

Furthermore, as the physical products are becoming more and more alike, effective distribution and services are increasingly important for competitiveness.

This is particularly true in times of European consolidation.
However, for many, changes in the physical flow are often perceived as unpredictable and hard to manage.

Thus our projects reveal hidden values both in terms of competitive position, cost reduction and service improvements.

Specialist help

Industrial Dialogue are specialists in optimising the physical flow of goods and in business systems challenged by outsourcing and European consolidation.

For the last 15 years, we have conducted changes in material and transportation flows for a range of Europe’s most acknowledged corporations and organisations. Private as well as public.

Our references cover producers and manufacturers, the biggest contractors, major wholesale systems, retailers as well as a wide range of municipalities and public institutions.

Experienced and independent advisers

We are highly trained operations specialists with extensive practical industry experience from Denmark and abroad.

We are fluent in the major European languages.

We advise independently of service, product and system suppliers.