Approach and methodology

Our approach is based on international experience and the use of ”state-of-the-art” methodologies.

Proven tools

As basis, we use tools based on the experiences from the automotive, transport and building industries. These tools have systematically been adapted to handle the special requirements and complexity of providers of professional services.

The tools cover all analytical steps from modelling of the entire supply chain, configuration of your own logistical set up to the implementation of routing, inventory parameters and delivery terms.

The modelling of your specific supply chain

The model is made with your company’s own transaction data as basis. With our tools, we then enrich the data with categories and detailed data for transport and storage. The result is a detailed model of all flows from supplier to end customer for your specific supply chain.

Empowerment and training

The model is built through a series of concentrated workshops in cooperation with key employees and managers. This allows for a systematic mapping of the future competences needed and the transfer of knowledge to your organisation. Key employees and managers are therefore well equipped to handle the eventual subsequent set-up of roles and responsibilities as well as choice of IT systems to support the future operations.